What Are The Best Cameras For Model Rockets?

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It could not be any easier to get started with model rocketry. While model rocketry is an interesting hobby and rocketeers want to record the flight from the rocket’s viewpoint. The best cameras to use on a model rocket need to be small and lightweight.

Technically speaking model rockets particularly beginners’ rockets were not designed to carry a camera. You will need to do some DIY to the rocket to add a camera. As well that the lighter the camera is, it will have less impact on the rocket’s flight performance.

In this article, we will you some recommendations on the best cameras for model rockets.

Rule Of Thumb When Adding A Camera To A Model Rocket

There is a general rule of thumb regarding adding a camera to a model rocket. You need to understand the assumptions with the Barrowman equation.

The Barrowman equation enables you to determine the stability of your rocket. It does it by helps by finding the location of the center of pressure (CP).

In order for your rocket to be stable, you would like the CP to be near the center of gravity (CG).

There are a number of other factors to considers which are the weight of the camera and the size of the rocket.

Best Cameras For Model Rockets

Estes Astrocam Flying Model Rocket Starter Kit

This rocket is a Beginner-Level Astrocam rocket that is ready to fly in less than 30 minutes. The Estes AstroCam is equipped with its own high-definition digital video camera and a specially engineered nosecone to house the camera during flight.

Start the camera while the rocket is on the launch pad and begin recording audio and video onto the included 16GB Micro SD Memory Card. 

GoPro Hero

This camera offers a 4K video with a good combination of performance and simplicity.

The battery life of the GoPro is around two hours for the Hero 5 running at 1080p at 50fps, with GPS, Wi-Fi, voice control, and image stabilization off. 

The camera was designed to identify conditions of overheating and shuts down when needed. This camera doesn’t include an SD card. 

You get some of the most cutting-edge recording camera technology on the planet. HD video, night vision, and a variety of advanced features and integration options.

Everything you need to capture all of the details. What’s more, it all comes in a tiny package.

This camera has smooth aerodynamic and is durable. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi that allows connecting the camera via APP for live preview, download, and setting.

Everything you need to capture all of the details. This is a good quality durable camera.

Mate 808 is the most advanced mini action camera on the market. This device is perfect for us as an action cam, to mount on a bike, skateboard, or any type of helmet.

The 808 camera is made adhering to the highest manufacturing standards.

Final Thoughts​

Choosing the right camera for a model rocket is important as the camera needs to be light and small as well as durable. There is plenty of cheap cameras available for testing before getting an expensive camera. There will need to be DIY and assemble to add the camera to the model rocket.

All the cameras listed do need to get an SD card separately. Remember, adding a camera to a model rocket there will be a little bit of work involved.

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Best Cameras For Model Rockets

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