What Is The Best Altimeter For Model Rockets?

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It could not be any easier to get started with model rocketry. There are extra devices you can get like cameras and altimeters that help you in gathering extra information such as the altitude. To get the altitude information you will need an altimeter.

An altimeter meter is an instrument used to measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level. Meaning simply measures how high a rocket flies.  Rocketeers love to know how high their rocket flew.

In this article, we will go through the best altimeter for a model rocket.

What Is An Altimeter?

Simply put an altimeter is a device that measures altitude. This is the distance of a point above sea level.

People like mountaineers use altimeters to help pinpoint their location on a mountain. This can be used for model rockets to measure how high the rocket was flying.

How Does An Altimeter Work?

Altimeters use barometer sensors which are often referred to as barometric sensors which measure atmospheric pressure.

The atmospheric pressure changes the higher the rocket goes and the altimeter measures the changes in atmospheric pressure as the rocket climbs or descends. A modern altimeter when it is correctly set can read height above means sea level.

What Does A High Altimeter Setting Mean?

When the temperature is warmer than standard, you are higher than your altimeter indicates.

When you are flying above a location for which you obtained a local current altimeter setting in extremely cold temperatures, the true altitude of the rocket can be significantly lower than indicated.

Best Altimeter For Model Rockets

Estes Altimeter

The Estes Altimeter comes with a 4 digit LCD display that is can be shown in English or metric units. Accurately measures model rocket launch altitudes from 0 – 9999 feet (3000 m).  It can store up to 10 consecutive flights.

Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo

This is the 2nd generation of the Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo. It is the most advanced automated rocket flight analyzer ever made. It has an animated display and a history feature that saves the last 100 flights.

This Altimeter uses state-of-the-art pressure and acceleration sensors to perform the 10 most important flight analyses for each rocket flight, including altitude, speed, parachute ejection delay, acceleration, and flight duration.

Jolly Logic AltimeterOne

This is a very colorful rocket that can be assembled in 1 hour. The rocket can go up to 650 feet into the sky. The kit comes with the rocket, a launchpad, and the launch controller. 

Final Thoughts​

Choosing the right altimeter for your model rockets will help to get accurate information on the flight. It is not necessary for beginners to get an altimeter if they are just starting out on a model rocket.

Any of the ones listed here are beginner friendly and comes with all the parts you will need.

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Best Altimeter For Model Rockets

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