What Are The Parts Of A Model Rocket?

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Model rocketry is a fun pastime but it is important to become familiar with the basic components of the model rocket. This helps to get an understanding of the parts of a model rocket and their purpose.

The main parts of a model rocket are the nose cone, body tube, fins, rocket engine as well as rocket recovery systems such as the parachute and wadding. 

In this post, we will go through the parts of a model rocket. Let’s get started!

Parts Of A Model Rocket

Parts of the model rocket are fairly straightforward. The name of the parts explains what they do. A standard model rocket is comprised of these basic components.

Nose Cone

The nose cone is on top of the rocket. The cone shape helps the air to flow smoothly around the rocket, therefore helps improve the flight performance. by reducing the aerodynamic drag.


Launch Lug

The purpose of the launch lug is to provide stability during the model rocket’s liftoff. It guides the rocket along with the path during takeoff.

It ensures the rocket remains parallel to the launch rod during the first seconds of flight. The launch lug is what allows the model rocket to slide along the rod.

Body Tube

The body tube is the main body of the model rocket and holds the nose cone in place as well as the fins at the bottom. The launch lug is attached to the body tube.


The fins help with the model rockets’ stability. Simple without the fins rockets natural struggle staying straight during flight. This is due to aerodynamic forces. Fins provide a simple solution to improve stability.

model rockets

Shock Cord

The shock cord is what holds the parts of the model rocket together after they separate at ejection. The general option of the length of the shock cord is that it should be three times as long as the body tube.

Parachute And Wadding

In the recovery phase, a parachute pops up as the rocket comes down. There are a number of model rocket recovery methods with the parachute recovery method been the most commonly used. 

Wadding provides a way to protect the recovery charge from the engine and the parachute. With the main purpose of preventing damage to your rocket. The recovery wadding is fireproof paper.

Engine Mount

The engine mount is what holds the model rocket motor in place during flight.  The first challenge is to keep the rocket motor from traveling upward into the nosecone during powered ascent, and the second keeps the motor inside the airframe during recovery device ejection. 

Rocket Engine

The model rocket engine is what makes the rocket fly. There are made up of fuel and an oxidizer, this is the propellant. While these ingredients can vary but both are required to produce the thrust.

The most common model rocket engines are made of black powder which has only three ingredients such as charcoal, potassium nitrate, and sulfur.

Final Thoughts​

Finally, the main parts of a model rocket are the nose cone, body tube, fins, rocket engine as well as rocket recovery systems such as the parachute and wadding.

Once you learn and understand the parts it makes model rocketry easier to understand.

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What Are The Parts Of A Model Rocket

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