What Are The Best Model Rocket Kits For Beginners

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It could not be any easier to get started with model rocketry. Model rocketry can be an interesting hobby that you can start at any age. There are some great starter model rocket kits for beginners.

Getting a model rocket kit makes life easier as it will come with everything you need to launch a rocket. As the kit will have a launchpad, rocket, controller, and more. The best part is that they are inexpensive. 

In this article, we will you some recommendations that should help you get your first rocket model kit.

Where To Fly Model Rockets?

When launching a model rocket you need to ensure that it is launched in an open area and that the weather conditions are good. As well as that you should get permission from the landowners.

You need to ensure that there is no dry grass close to the launch pad as this can cause a fire.

How To Get Started In Model Rocketry?

The best way to get into model rocketry is to find a friend who is already into rocketry. They can show you the ropes and it will give you a good idea if you will like it. 

After that, you can visit your local hobby store where they can help you in finding a local rocket club, and then help you to get in contact with your National Association of Rocketry.

Extra Items Need That Are Not Included In The Kits

The model rocket kits do not come with everything that you will need. You need to purchase the following items separately.

Here Is Some Of Our Favourite Model Rocket Kits For Beginners

Estes Tandem-X Flying Rocket Kit

This starter kit comes will 2 two rockets. The Crossfire ISX rocket can go over 1,150 feet into the sky. While the E2X Amazon is can fly over 600 feet. Both rockets are very easy to build.

There is no painting required for the Amazon or Crossfire rockets. It isis recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision for those under 12.

Estes 1491 Taser Rocket Launch Kit

This is an easy-to-build model rocket kit. The rocket is 17 inches tall and has a custom three-fin design. And can reach up to 1,100 feet. You can simply glue the few rocket pieces together, and in less than an hour, you’ll be ready for the launchpad!

Estes 1413 Wacky Wiggler Kit

This is a very colorful rocket that can be assembled in 1 hour. The rocket can go up to 650 feet into the sky. The kit comes with the rocket, a launchpad, and the launch controller. 

Estes Journey Model Rocket Kit

With the Journey rocket, it can reach heights of 1100 feet. It is easy to assembly which allows you to be at the launch quickly.  

The set includes a stand, rocket, parachute, and launch controller. You will need to buy was a pack of motors.

After each flight, simply insert new recovery wadding and a new Estes rocket engine with a Starter and plug. Repack the parachute, and then launch again.

Estes Rascal/HiJinks Kit

This starter kit comes will 2 two rockets. With standard Estes engines, each rocket is capable of reaching heights over 1,200 feet. Each can be assembled in a couple of hours. 

Launch Set includes an Estes launch pad and launch controller. The launch controller requires AA 1.5V batteries. And you need to buy was a pack of motors.

Estes 1403 Riptide Launch Kit

The Riptide Launch Set is a great ready-to-fly kit with no real assembly required. Using standard Estes engines, it can reach heights of over 650 feet. Included is an Estes launch pad and controller.

Final Thoughts​

Choosing the right model rocket kits when you are starting out in model rocketry. A rocket kit should be simple to assemble with most of the parts you will need.

Any of the ones listed here are at a beginner skill level and comes with all the parts you will need expect you will have to purchase the engine, glue, batteries, and wadding separately.

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Model Rocket Kits For Beginners

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