What Is Model Rocketry?

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Model rocketry is an interesting hobby to start. It was started by rocket enthusiasts in the 1950’s when the space race had started. The hobby itself involves building and launching model rockets as high as possible even to a point where they can not be seen at all.

Getting into model rocketry there are a couple of common questions that are asked from that what is model rocketry to what is a model rocket. And what’s the difference between a model rocket and a toy.

In this post, we will go through what is model rocketry. Let’s get started!

What Is Model Rocketry?

Model rocketry is a hobby that involves building and launching model rockets. It is similar to the hobby of building model airplanes. Model rocketry has been around for over a half-century.

Amateur rocket activity was considered a dangerous hobby that can even cost lives. Model rocketry was introduced as its safer alternative.


Today, it has proven to be one of the safest, rewarding, educational, and affordable hobbies around. Modern model rockets are made of non-metal materials such as wood, plastic, and cardboard. And there are also safety measures in place like the model rocket safety code.

These measures prevent injuries and accidents while participating in building and launching model rockets.

What Started Model Rocketry?

The hobby of model rocketry was started when the space race had major media attention back in the 1950s. It was developed as a safe alternative to the amateur rocket that was invented by Vernon Estes and G. Harry Stine.

The first modern model rocket was designed in 1954 by a licensed pyrotechnic expert Orville Carlisle and his brother Robert who was a model airplane enthusiast.

Three years later, the launch of the Sputnik inspired a lot of people to build and launch their own rockets, which led to some tragic accidents.

Rocket Launch

Realizing there might be a market for their invention, Orville and Robert started selling model rockets as a safer alternative.

They, alongside G. Harry Stine, became the founders of Model Missiles Incorporated which was the first American company dedicated to model rockets.

Higher power motors became available during the later 1980s.

What Is A Model Rocket?

Basically, a model rocket is a miniaturized working version of a large rocket. Model rockets are designed to reach low altitudes and can be recovered by a number of different methods.

A model rocket works on the same basic principle as its larger counterpart. However, its concept is deconstructed and simplified for a smaller scale. The model rockets differ based on their recovery systems as well as the height that they reach. These factors influence their size, the payload they can carry, fuel required, etc.

What makes a model rocket different from just a toy is the level of technical knowledge and skill required to build and launch it. A basic model rocket features a removable engine, a recovery wadding, and a recovery system.

It is housed in an airframe tube that has fins and a nose for aerodynamic control. Model rockets are propelled by solid-fuel rocket motors. These specially designed motors are ignited by an electronic controller.

model rocket

There are several basic components and parts of a model rocket. The first is the nose cone that allows the air to flow more smoothly over the rocket’s body.

It is generally made from a light material like fiberglass, plastic, or Styrofoam. Then there is a payload section where loads such as electronic altimeters or cameras can be stored.

Not all model rockets have this section. Next, there is a transition section. It is generally made of hardwood, plastic, or balsa wood. This section serves as a connection for different size body tubes.

The last component is the tube body that connects all the pieces as well as protects the transition section.

Model rockets are generally classified into two categories based on the type of engine they use. These include composite engine rockets and black powder engine rockets.

Final Thoughts​

Finally, getting into model rocketry there are a couple of common questions that are asked. The difference between a model rocket and a toy is that you need technical knowledge.

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What Is model rocketry

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